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Our Mission Statement

The mission of ePharmacistNow is to provide expert and compassionate care to our patients. It is our goal to develop meaningful long term relationships through our unparalleled personalized medication management services. ePharmacistNow is passionately committed to empower our patients through education and knowledge to live healthier and happier lives!

About Us

ePharmacistNow is a unique medication management service that is sincerely committed to providing expert and compassionate patient centered pharmaceutical care.

Our Specialized Patient Care Communication Center™ provides incomparable access to Dr. Cherry Schwartz, Pharmacist and Doctor of Pharmacy, who will deliver expert medication management services targeted to the individual patient in potential collaboration with their primary care provider.

ePharmacistNow upholds the highest professional ethical standards with the goal of enabling patients to achieve positive, measurable health outcomes in a cost effective manner allowing them to live happier, healthier and ultimately fuller lives.

Dr. Cherry Schwartz

Dr. Cherry Schwartz, Pharmacist
Specializing in Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Patient Education

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