Access to our Specialized Patient Care Communication Center

Upon registration with ePharmacistNow our Specialized Patient Care Communication Center™ provides incomparable access to Dr. Cherry Schwartz, Pharmacist and Doctor of Pharmacy, who will deliver expert medication management services to you in potential collaboration with your primary care provider through:

  • A secure and private Pharmacist-patient email system.
  • A Personalized Appointment Scheduling System that allows you to set up a personal consultation with the Pharmacist in person, via computer (FaceTime) or phone at your convenience.
  • A complete and comprehensive printable Personal Medication Record and Medication Action Plan are always available to the you. You can keep them handy for personal use in case information are needed by your healthcare provider, during ER visits or hospitalizations and any other situations that may require such information.

Our Specialized Patient Care Communication Center™ brings you:

  • Enhanced patient care
  • Premier and unparalleled opportunities to cultivate Pharmacist-patient relationship
  • Onsite answers to your medication questions via private Pharmacist-patient email system.
  • Insights, expertise and knowledge as well as discovering cutting-edge and successful solutions to your medication and disease management.
  • Latest developments in pharmacy care
  • Assistance in the use of home medical devices (glucose/diabetic, blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, spirometer/peak flow meter and oximeters)

Comprehensive Medication Management Review

Comprehensive Medication Management Review is the systematized procedure of gathering patient-specific information, assessing and evaluating of patient's medication regimen including prescriptions, over-the-counter meds, herbal therapies and dietary supplements to identify medication related problems and develop a plan to solve these problems. Its goals are to reduce adverse drug events, reduce physician, hospital and ER visits, to potentially lower your healthcare cost and ultimately, to improve your quality of life. These goals can be achieved by reducing health risk from medication related problems and optimizing medication use. In reviewing your medication therapy, your Pharmacist takes into consideration medication adherence (over or under use), medication interactions, adverse and side-effects, medication duplication and other medication-related problems.

The Pharmacist will provide you with a Printable Personal Medication Record (PMR) which contains the following informations:

  • Drug name and strength
  • Directions
  • What the medication is for (what condition you are taking the drug for)
  • When you should to take the medication (morning, noon, evening, bedtime)
  • Special instructions ( take it with or without food)
  • Prescriber

You can keep this handy for personal use in case these information are needed by your healthcare provider, during ER visits or hospitalization and any other situations that may require such information.

Your Pharmacist will also provide you with an individualized Printable Medication Action Plan (MAP), it is a patient centered document containing list of actions for you to use in tracking your progress in medication self- management. The Medication Action Plan reinforces a sense of patient empowerment and encourages your active participation in your medication usage and compliance. It is a simple guide to track your progress.

Your Pharmacist will potentially provide Physician Collaboration with your healthcare providers when a medication intervention or referral is needed. For example, when a potential medication related problem is identified during medication management review such as a high risk drug interaction, adverse or side-effects among others.

Medication Counseling and Drug Information

Medication counseling allows your Pharmacist to provide you with information empowering you to make informed and intelligent decisions in the appropriate use of your medications. When you register at ePharmacistNow you will have incomparable access to your own Pharmacist through our Specialized Patient Care Communication Center™.

Your Pharmacist will give full attention and adequate opportunity to discuss your medication concerns such as medication storage, route of administration, side effects, warnings, adverse reactions, contraindications, best time to take your meds, what to do when you miss a dose and your other medication concerns. Talk to your Pharmacist face to face, by phone, through FaceTime, Skype or through our secure communication center email system. YOUR TIME, YOUR CHOICE ! ! !

Medication Reconciliation

More than 40% of medication errors are related to inadequate medication reconciliation. Many of these errors can be avoided if medication reconciliation is in place. This process is done to avoid errors such as medication omission, duplications, dosing errors, drug interactions, medication adverse and side effects. The main steps include documentation of the complete list of your current prescription medications, herbal and nutritional supplements, vitamins, over-the-counter medications and vaccines. Then, updating your Printable Personal Medication Record (PMR) after each hospital discharge or transition of care, which includes changes in medical or physician care setting and service or level of care. Your Pharmacist needs to be involved in this process because there could be a lot of confusion in reconciling previous and current medications.

Medication Compliance and Adherence Consultation

Your Pharmacist will investigate medication compliance issues related to drug over or under utilization or administration technique problems such as glaucoma drops, asthma inhalers and other medications administered through specialized delivery devices. Her recommendations will enable you to achieve the full intended benefit of your medications through continued adherence with your physician’s instructions.

Over-the-counter (OTC) Medication and Herbal and Dietary Supplement Consultation

The potential for adverse effects from over-the-counter products and possible interactions with your prescription medications are few reasons why it is important to be informed before using over-the counter, herbal and dietary supplements. Your Pharmacist is an important source of information for patients seeking guidance on the safe and effective use of these medications and supplements.

Physician-Pharmacist Collaboration

Your Pharmacist, in collaboration with the physician and other health care professionals, can take responsibility in monitoring the effects of medication therapy as well as recommend alternatives to resolve and/or prevent drug related problems. Your Pharmacist can use their knowledge of pharmacology, therapeutics and drug interactions to recommend different treatment options, dosage changes, and add or remove drugs from your medication therapy when not achieving your treatment goals. When your Pharmacist collaborates with your physicians to find the best medication treatment, you significantly reach your health goals and achieve a better quality of life.

Patient Monitoring Device and Meter Training

Your Pharmacist provides education in proper and correct usage of your home health monitoring devices/meters such as glucose meters, blood pressure devices, cholesterol monitoring devices, oximeters, peak flow meters, home spirometers and other monitoring devices. Assessing your cognitive abilities, learning style, sensory and physical status enables your Pharmacist to adapt information and education methods to meet your needs in learning how to use these devices. You may learn best by hearing spoken instructions through seeing a diagram, picture, model or by directly handling the devices yourself. Your Pharmacist will help improve your outlook and willingness as well as remove perceived barriers that prevent you from using your home health monitoring devices effectively.

Immunization and Health/Wellness Services

Your Pharmacist will reinforce the recommended guidelines by your physician for smoking cessation, diabetes and heart healthy coaching programs as well as immunizations (Flu, Shingles and Pneumonia).